Sweat23: Shorter Workouts, Longer-Term Results

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SweatHaus has helped take its members’ fitness goals to the next level with the Sweat23 system, a first-of-its-kind training program that is unparalleled in the world of indoor health and wellness.

The program is the result of decades of research and application in the art and science of active health, and features a robust menu of more than 100 classes and training options – to be selected by members according to their specific needs. Each modular component of the program is a 23-minute training session designed to develop cardio, strength, flexibility and balance, all within an invigorating and supportive community environment.

Sweat23 was created specifically for rewarding, interactive and effective small group training, incorporating individual attention and feedback from top-tier SweatHaus coaches and trainers. Members enjoy the experience of a group setting but with guidance typically found in private training sessions. The unique, modular Sweat23 program provides members with time-optimizing program options to mix and match, creating the ideal, personalized experience, while maximizing effectiveness and empowering every member to reach personal goals, regardless of age, training experience level, weight or body type.

The Sweat23 system was designed by SweatHaus founder Dom DiLuigi, one of the nation’s foremost experts on functional health and results-based training. After decades of research and road-tested training, DiLuigi came to the conclusion that the vast majority of injuries take place between the 26th and 46th minutes of physical exercise.

DiLuigi’s research also revealed that the common practice of hour-long training sessions can lead to diminishing returns and overtraining-related symptoms.

To build balance, flexibility, cardio, and strength (the essential elements of functional health), DiLuigi launched the Sweat23 training program, which focuses on the two most important and finite elements of results-based physical training:

1) How much time, effort, and energy to dedicate to achieve optimal results.
2) How to keep the mind engaged and the body progressing, in order to minimize the potential for plateaus, injuries, and overtraining.

The Sweat23 concept saves time and makes training more accessible to those with busy lifestyles, while at the same time providing more tangible, immediate and long-term results.

Sweat23 is the first program brought to the consumer market that has proven to benefit more than 98% of participants — regardless of age, lifestyle, gender or physical background.

Now with over 100-class offerings per week, and a broad variety of modular selections available each day to fit modern, busy lifestyles, SweatHaus is the first and only fitness facility to provide access to the Sweat23 program.

SweatHaus is the West Coast’s premier functional health destination and is where the trainers go to train. The first and only facility of its kind, SweatHaus provides tailored 23-minute programs designed to help anyone achieve improved functional health. The Haus Experience empowers members to participate, excel and achieve individual goals in an environment that’s positive, inspiring and will definitely make you sweat!

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